Crater Lake Winter - March 22nd-23rd

Winter Wonderland

Crater Lake may be my favorite place on earth, and I have spent more time here taking pictures than almost anywhere else. This place will blow you away with its natural beauty. This workshop is for the experienced hiker, as it will be in the height of winter and will require snow shoes (available to rent at Crater Lake) and warm clothes. We will plan several day hikes - of 5-8 miles in the snow, so come prepared to hike, and take pictures of one of the most fantastic places on earth. If you aren't up for the hiking required for this workshop but still want to take a workshop on Crater Lake, think about coming back in the summer when many of the locations we will shoot will be accessible with much shorter hikes, and we will have access to several hikes unavailable in the winter time. Itinerary and Lodging information listed below.

March 22nd

We will meet in the mid morning, and get gear and prepare to hike to our first location. This will be approximately a 3 hour hike, with several shoots along the way. We will plan on setting up for a classic shot at sunset of the lake and Wizard island. We will shoot, and plan a quick return back in the chilly evening.

March 23rd

We will shoot an early morning sunrise from a spectacular hill side location that will allow amazing panoramas of the lake, as well as spectacular views of the Southern Oregon Klamath Basin.

We will then shoot around the lake in a few other prized locations.

We will head to union creek to end the night with an amazing sunset shot directly over the river.

Because of its remote location lodging is available at one location only. However accommodations at Union Creek Resort is wonderful, and priced even better. 

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