All requests for image licensing are welcomed no matter the type of license or budget.

Stock photography is perfect for brochures, websites, advertisements, books, greeting cards, calendars, and other forms of publication including the internet.

Stock Photography Pricing:

All  stock images are rights managed. Pricing is determined by the scale, distribution and duration of use. Because each stock license is unique we will need to discuss your specific project and needs. A price based on the specifics of your use will be determined. When the usage fee is paid you will be granted a license that will outline how you may use the image and for how long. You then have the legal right to use the image as outlined in the usage agreement. Fees to use an image vary greatly, and can range from $50.00 to thousands of dollars. Many factors can influence the usage fee for a photograph. The type of use is foremost. For example, the image could be used for a local small business website, or it could be part of a national advertising campaign. The size the photo will be published, how long it will be used, how many copies will be made, areas of distribution, and degree of exclusivity are all factors that effect how much an image will cost to use.

The word "Rights" refers to the fact that these images are Shaphan Thomas's intellectual property and subject to Copyright Laws. These images may not be used, published or transferred without permission. The use of Stock Photography, or more specifically, the granting of a usage license, typically involves the payment of a use fee and a photographer's credit line. What is the advantage of using Stock Photography? Licensed stock photography offers a way to obtain the use of existing images without also incurring the high cost of hiring a photographer to create new images from scratch. The photographer incurs the costs of creating the images and recovers those costs by licensing images repeatedly over a period of time. 

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