Born and raised in Portland, Oregon I grew up with a fond appreciation for photography. However despite loving the art of photography I did not have the opportunity to begin shooting for myself until late in my college years.

Saving up money, I bough my first digital camera, and began taking pictures every opportunity that I could. I read many books on the art of taking pictures, and did a lot of learning by trial and error. I have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic photographers that have helped to shape and develop my skills over time.

My love for photography coupled with my enjoyment of the outdoors has led to a focus on nature and landscapes. hiddenworldphotos is a reflection of these two passions meeting in one place. I strive to find the places that many don't see. Sometimes that means traveling for days, to get to a remote location, and other times its simply a process of slowing down and walking just a bit farther down the beaten path. I am often surprised by how many beautiful places go unseen by so many because the simply fail to stop and investigate the world around them. I am constantly looking for new and exciting places to shoot. My library is full of resources to help me read and research new locations.

Part of my love and enjoyment for photography is the story that comes along with every shot taken. In my travels I have had many experiences that are far more interesting than I ever thought possible. These experiences range from frost-bitten fingers, to standing atop mountains directly underneath looming lightning storms. Though the goal is always to end up with an amazing shot that reflects the incredible journey that I have been on, that doesn't always happen. There are times where I end with few photos because the light wasn't right, or the circumstances prevented me from capturing what I had in mind. But that only furthers my appreciation for the art, and excites me to return to these places again, when I may be able to create the art within my head and heart.

Long before I had developed a passion for photography was my passion for teaching. I am grateful to currently teach middle school math in Southern Oregon.  Photography is often my time to release pressure and tension from an otherwise busy and stressful - albeit fantastic career. 

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